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Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31, 2011

I have been crocheting like crazy lately. I have crocheted washclothes, bibs, hats and I am prepping to start my first crochet afghan. I am learning new stitches, how to attach another color of yarn and how to seem two things together.

I have been inspired by the sea again this year. I love the colors of teal, purple and lime green........those color combinations are so refreshing to me.

I am ready to start work again after the summer and am getting excited about the various projects on my needles.

As far as our monthly knitting meeting, we have joined the local Houston Guild Knitting at Night Guild (KANG) and are known as Knitting in Kingwood (KIK). We are now 59 ladies strong and growing. I think we are the fastest growing group in the guild. It's wonderful to see the group grow. Although there have been some growing pains. However, many of the ladies really wanted to grow and learn more!! That, to me, is exciting!!!

That's about all for now. Will try to post more often. :-D